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  • Best to Buy a Large Bulletin Board or Large Cork Board Direct from The Factory So You Can Order With Any Size, Shape Or Color!

    Buying Large Bulletin Boards.
    After first selecting the wall, decide what size and shape, large bulletin board, will best fit. Select the largest bulletin board possible as one single size. It will be less costly then butting a couple of large cork boards together. But if you need to go bigger, you can butt as many fabric covered, large cork boards together to make infinitely large bulletin boards.

    Creating Exciting Compositions With Your Large Cork Boards.
    There are over one hundred fabric colors of Burlap fabric and Velcro® Loop Fabric available to cover your large bulletin boards! With so many colors and textures possible, you can create a beautiful abstract composition that will compliment the room where your large cork board will be hung. Using different colors, will demark each separate section. Ideal for organizing different areas of information that you will pin up. And conversely, if you use just one color and butt many boards together, the fabric that covers the edges will visually connect to the fabric of the next board. This will allow all your large cork boards to read as just one continuous board. So it will appear that you either have one big cork board reading as one complete shape or many different shapes in an eye catching design.

    Large Cork Boards For Walls Are Meticulously Constructed In Brooklyn, NY.
    North Sculpture Company meticulously builds your large cork boards in our Brooklyn, NY factory. Hand crafted by our skilled artisans with the highest attention to detail and perfection. We are able to build your large bulletin boards to any size, shape or color, with any type of interior substrate that is required by your specifications. Natural cork, imported from Spain or an economic particle board are the most chosen substrates, however we use any material that is required. Just let us know what you need!

    Have An Idea For Interesting Shapes For Your Large Bulletin Boards?
    Send us a sketch and we will build large corkboards of the design! Big Corkboards can be cut to just about any shape and then either Burlap, Velcro Loop, Felt or vinyl fabric can be bonded to the surface and wrapped over the edges, giving your large cork board a clean, modern, designer look. If you just have an idea, our experienced art department can design the shape you are looking for. Our large cork boards for walls can be an exciting addition to your home or office.

    Large Cork Board With Graphics
    Burlap Fabric Cork Board
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