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  • How To Buy A FORBO Bulletin Board - Select A Perfect Forbo Tackboard!

    Measure The Size Of Your Forbo Bulletin Board.
    Determine the width and length, for your Forbo Tackboards. If the Forbo Bulletin Board area is larger then 4 ft by 10 ft, say 8 ft by 10ft, you can use two Forbo Cork Boards, 4 ft by 10 ft and butt them together during the installation. Your Forbo Cork Board will read as one because you will have the Forbo Board of one right up against the Forbo Board edge of the other only leaving a subtle seem hardly detectable. Using Forbo Bulletin Boards allows for the subtle seem that is not possible when using a Forbo Tackboard with an exterior frame! Next decide the Forbo color that matches your room. You have a huge variety of dynamic Forbo Cork Board colors.

    Match Your Forbo Bulletin Boards To Your Room.
    There are many types of Forbo Bulletin Board available at North Sculpture Company. The best always is a Forbo Corkboard in 20 different colors. Forbo Cork Board is completely self healing. If you need Forbo Cork Board bonded to hard board, have confidence that your framed or unframed Forbo Bulletin Boards will be securely and industrially bonded together. This will create a clean, modern, designer Forbo Bulletin Board. Forbo Bulletin Boards are also excellent acoustic panels that absorb noise and blocks sound.

    Install Your Forbo Bulletin Board.
    Forbo Cork Boards are ideal for office or home or factory or school room or conference room. Decide where to install your Forbo cork board. Take measurements of the overall area where you want your Forbo Bulletin Board. If it is larger then 4 ft by 12 ft. you will need to butt multiple Forbo Boards together during installation to make your overall expanse. Once you are satisfied with the design of your Forbo Tackboards select the size and shape.

    Buy Forbo Bulletin Board Factory Direct From North Sculpture Company!
    Cut out the middle man and buy your Forbo Tackboard direct. Most Facilities managers, architects and designers buy their Forbo Tackboards directly from our factory to save money. You are working with the people who know most about hoe to meticulously make an excellent Forbo Corkboard. We build your Forbo bulletin board to your exact specifications. Since we build to order, you are buying a custom Forbo Cork Board at standard prices!

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