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  • Buy A Custom Cork Board Because Custom Bulletin Boards Are Perfect!

    Custom Bulletin Boards Will Do Exactly What You Want Them To Do, Especially Burlap Fabric Custom Cork Boards.
    With so many colors to choose from, you can select a perfect color and size that will fit exactly into the space you need it to. And It will be an exact match to the wall color and the general decor of your room. That's why most interior designers prefer to buy custom bulletin boards with burlap fabric that come in 60 nuanced colors.

    If Functionality of Your Custom Bulletin Board Is Of The Utmost Concern.
    Buy a bulletin board with Velcro® fabric, with extreme functionality, a custom cork board covered in Velcro® Brand Fabric would be ideal. Not only can you use thumb tacks, and staples, but you can also adhere objects, photos and literature to your fabric board with Velcro® Brand Velcoins®. Little coins with Velcro® hook on one side and adhesive on the other that peel of a reel and fasten on the back of the item going on to custom bulletin board. Perfect for little children where push pins would be a health concern. The Velcro® loop fabric comes in over 30 colors so that you can also customize your fabric custom cork boards to match areas of the room.

    Do You Need A Custom Bulletin Board That Will Clean Easily?
    Then a vinyl fabric bulletin board with the fabric bonded to the surface of your custom cork board will allow the surface to wipe clean easily. These will work perfectly in restaurants, hospitals and kitchens. A framed custom bulletin board is also very economically priced and be ideal for your particular application.

    Custom Bulletin Boards Where Special Acoustic Properties Are Needed.
    All our bulletin boards have amazing acoustic qualities that block sound and absorb noise. If you have a bad echo in your room, install custom cork bulletin boards with fabric surfaces that will fill up as much of the wall space as possible so that sound will not have the surface area to echo from wall to wall. Since you are using custom cork boards, they can be further customized to add foam in to the center of the board, further increasing their already amazing sound blocking qualities. We offer four basic substrates of custom bulletin board. Foam board or Luan plywood, half inch particle board, a quarter inch natural cork board laminated to quarter inch plywood and the same cork-plywood laminate giving you a custom bulletin board with an air space inside for the optimum in blocking sound. And if you require a highly specialized substrate we can custom build it to your exact specifications!

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