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  • Buying Cork Boards? Utilize These Four Basic Steps To Select A Perfect Cork Board:

    1) Determine Where You Would Like to Hang Your Cork Boards.
    Survey your home or office or factory or classroom for the best location. Measure the overall space of where you would like your cork board. If it is larger then 4 ft by 10 ft. you will need to butt multiple cork boards together during installation to achieve your overall expanse. Once you are pleased with the design and your cork boards are delivered and installed, the organization of the space will help you to be more efficient.

    2) Select Correct Dimensions of The Size and Shape of Your Bulletin Board.
    Once you have determined your overall dimensions decide if you want to fill up the entire space with your cork boards. If the Bulletin Board area is greater then 4 ft by 10 ft, say 8 ft by 8ft, you can purchase two fabric covered cork boards, 4 ft by 8 ft and but them together to read as one board. There will be a subtle seem that actually acts as a positive design element. Using fabric boards allows there to be, fabric to fabric touching, giving you cork board that subtle seem! Then decide the color that matches the room and if you would like Burlap Fabric or Velcro® Brand Fabric bonded to the cork board surface. Tip: To be sure your bulletin Board will fit with the proportions you decide, cut out a piece of cardboard to the exact shape and size of your cork boards and hang it where you are going to put your cork bulletin board to see if it will work visually and compositionally to your eye and adjust accordingly.
    Framed Natural Cork Board
    3) Decide The Color, Fabric Bulletin Board or Natural Cork Board Surface and type of Substrate of Your Cork Bulletin Board. Do You Want Natural Cork Board or Economy Particle Board?
    There are many types of bulletin boards on the market. Always look for a bulletin board with a natural cork board substrate because it is completely self healing and will almost last forever. If you have a small budget, a bulletin board with particle board could be an economical solution. Even though it is not as durable and self healing as natural cork board, it should last a very long time. With that said you can order framed cork boards or go with a fabric board that has either Velcro® Brand Loop Fabric or Burlap Fabric bonded to the surface and wrapped over the edges around to the back, creating a clean, modern, designer look. Similar to color field sculptures on the wall, that accomplish three things in one: A bulletin board to adhere with Velcro® Brand Fasteners or a tack board to use with push pins or staples and also an acoustic panels that blocks sound and absorbs noise.
    Cork Board Specifications
    Cork Boards with Burlap Fabric.
    4) Select a Reliable Manufacturer and Buy Factory Direct For Best Price!
    A little known secret that all facilities managers, architects and designers know is to buy directly from the factory to save money. You cut out the middle man when ordering your corks boards saving lots of money! There are companies out there that meticulously build their bulletin boards to your specifications. North Sculpture Company in Brooklyn NY is one. And they will build and ship your cork boards built to order and have them to you when ever you need them. They have amazing rush services and rush, quick shipping.
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