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A Partition Panel Checklist

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It's time to examine what interior designers already know about decorating and enhancing the functionality of space with modular room screens. The principles that govern when to divide are actually quite easy to grasp.

  • If you need a temporary solution for a room division problem, a folding partition or a moveable partition may be the most cost-effective choice.
  • Color considerations are easy to handle, with our richly upholstered panels that are made to your specifications.
  • Noisy rooms scream out for a solution that often centers around acoustic buffers, such as our folding room dividers.
  • Cost and labor concerns are mitigated when using our lightweight, easy-to-set-up partitions.

A partition panel may be right for you if you recognize any of these considerations. These modular units can easily be crafted to suit your specific needs without breaking your bank account.

A Folding Partition Solution

There's no sense in spending the money to construct a wall when flexible sectional panels will work just as well. The added bonus that comes along with owning units such as these is that they double as displays even if you aren't dividing a room with them.

Utilizing patented Velcro technology, this partition panel solution allows you to fasten almost anything securely to these upholstered walls in an elegant and simple manner. When a folding partition is not busy dividing your meeting room it can be used to display succesful projects, or the completion status of goals. Consider our lightweight and durable solution for your partitioning and display needs.


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