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Panel Room Divider Options That Look Great

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Think of a partition as a piece of furniture, accenting or separating a large area. After all, a fabric room divider takes up a certain amount of space, has a certain weight in terms of design, and has considerations such as color and dimension that must be considered before purchasing.

But don't forget that a folding panel room divider, unlike a large chair, a pool table or other furniture item, offers itself up as free space that wants to be utilized by you. This item can be as large or unobtrusive as you want it to be. But when you open up the world of display possibilities that suddenly become available, you will likely consider it the designer's best friend.

Think of this screen as a decorating tool. Here at you can order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors. Our navigation will take you to several different options that will start you on your way to finding the correct room divider for your needs, and as always you can give us a call at 800-791-1819 with any questions that you may have. Read on to learn more.

Fabric Room Divider Uses

What can your new fabric partition do for you? Think about your particular situation and how our products could improve your ability to communicate ideas, make tracking progress on goals easier, and promote effective use of space. These room partitions also cut down on noise levels, are easy to fold up and set up in seconds. Read on to discover the possibilities that a panel room divider can offer:

  • It's all about possibilities when you suddenly have several panels of upholstered, Velcro-ready space to fill.
  • Imagine how your lights will look spilling across these wide textured surfaces.
  • Velcro offers a fastening system that is more than capable of securing your valuable display items.
  • A fabric room divider offers you the possibility of creating spaces within spaces.
  • Consider mixing and matching various colors to set off and highlight the splashes of color that already exist around your room.
  • They are built great and they just look great so that even a bare partition will turn heads.

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