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  • Five Panel Folding Screen Room Divider

    FourPanel Folding Room Dividers

          Three Panel Folding Room Divider Screen folds flat      Diptych Folding Walls
    Two, three, four, five or more, any color or size panels. Folding Screen with 360 degree metal hinges.
    Folding Partitions in over 100 Velcro fabric colors. Excellent for absorping noise.
    Folding Room Dividers & Room Partition Screens easily fold down for storage. Order folding Screen to your specifics.
    Floor Screen is ideal, folding partition, sound block.
    Mobile  Room Partitions Office Room Partiton Cubicles   Rolling Bulletin Board Walls   Bulletin Boards     Folding Room Dividers      
    Room Dividers & Floor Screens with single panel room partitons on wheels.
    Modular Office Room Dividers assemble easily & also have Dry Erase Boards.
    Rolling Cork Bulletin Boards with 100 colors of Velcro® fabric.
    Huge selection In Over 100 Vibrant Colors!
    Room Partitions with 360 degree folding metal hinges.
    Folding Room Dividers - Ideal Folding Screen, Room Partitions. Versatile, Good Looking For Home Or Office!

    ANY SIZE or shape, Folding Screens and Office Room Partitions are meticulously built in our Brooklyn, NY factory. Modular panels that form perfect Office Cubicles or Folding Room Dividers with, two, three, four, five or more panels hinged together with 360 degree folding metal hinges that are mechanically precise and will never wear out. Annoying sound distracting you? Portable room dividers are fantastic lightweight folding walls for blocking sound and absorbing noise.

    100 COLORS of VELCRO® brand compatible loop fabric or BURLAP Fabric industrially bonded to your folding walls on to one or both sides and wrapped over edges. Portable temporary walls are ideal for traveling businesses, home owners and schools who need to divide existing office, home, lobby or classroom space. Versatility to rearrange your folding partitions to any configuration in seconds with panels that fold around completely in both directions. Folding Screens set up in seconds with out tools and when finished fold down accordion style into a compact unit for easy convenient storage. Use VELCOIN® fasteners to attach Graphics, photos and literature on to one or both sides of your portable walls. Organize your space and work more efficiently! Lights, shipping cases and quick ship, rush services are available for all your Screen Room Dividers.

    PRICING Sizes-Specs, Graphics, Gallery, Main Page, or contact our call our experienced staff about your room partitions project. Click to request swatches to see the exact surface and color of our room partitions. Call to order! Our impressive list of clients have only praises for our folding room dividers.

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    Folding Screens, Room Partitions and Folding Room Dividers
    Room divider screens are ideal portable walls that can be used to separate your living, dining or bedroom space from the rest of your apartment. City apartments tend to be smaller, so folding room dividers and floor screens can divide and define your living space and create privacy. You can use our folding walls as ideal room dividers to separate your environment. Use folding room dividers to decorate your loft or home office while providing private spaces to conceal your clutter. A living room can use decorative folding room dividers to hide your bed. If you have a studio, you can use wall partitions to turn it into a one-bedroom apartment. Whether for the living room, bedroom or home office, folding screens can be used to define living areas by dividing the room into partitioned areas for privacy, to redirect foot traffic, and decorate your space with art. Our folding walls are like free standing color field sculptures. With a layer of Velcro loop fabric bonded to the surface and wrapped over the edges, your moveable walls take on a modern designer look. Folding partitions are available in over 100 Velcro loop fabric color surfaces that will allow your room partitions to blend in or stand out as a cool interior design statement.

    Room divider screens are the best of decorative and utilitarian words, offering an efficient way to organize your environment by partitioning unrelated areas from one another. And at the same time doing it with an artistic fare that will only enhance the quality of your space. Your new folding walls give you an application to bring more efficiency into your home or work space. Using your room divider screens when ever needed and then folding them down to be conveniently store in a closet or back in a storage space is an added benefit with folding room dividers. Take out and unfold your room divider screens, instantly when the need arises. Nothing could be easier. It only takes seconds to set up your floor screens and because they are so light weight, you can position them where ever you want in seconds! Your new room divider screens will be a valuable asset in the daily operation of your business.


    North Sculpture Company has a large selection of folding room dividers and folding screens at great prices. Our portable room dividers and floor screens are not only cool room accents that create privacy, but can be used for commercial purposes, like window displays, visual merchandising presentations, photo backdrops, or theme decorating for parties. Our wide variety of temporary walls are well-built, sturdy, and are really attractive additions that can also define the theme and function of your space. Folding partitions are available in over 100 Velcro loop fabric colors. Portable room dividers will match perfectly with the décor in your space. The fabric surface of your screen room dividers act to absorb noise and block sound with its acoustic sound proofing quality. A layer of foam is inside the fabric that is bonded on to the surface of our room divider screen which is the secrete behind their amazing acoustic characteristics.

    Building of your room partitions is meticulously done. We use 360 degree folding metal hinges that never wear out allowing your screen room dividers to be folded into any position that you desire. Among the many positions your portable walls can achieve is even to be folded into a column, a zigzag. Portable walls and can even be a room with temporary walls. Portable room dividers are deal for a trade show, when a temporary room is needed, your screen dividers can be folded perfectly into four walls with one of your screen room dividers as a wall and door. Or if you need a display of moveable walls your screen dividers will be perfect to Velcro on graphics and all sorts of posters. These unique folding room dividers are perfect temporary walls for window dressing also. Our temporary walls can be used as bold banner pop ups. Use moveable walls near the counter to enhance the area enticing shoppers for impulse buys. Visual merchandising is made simple and easy with the aid of these big bold functional decorative portable room dividers as store props. There are many themes to choose from to enhance the decor and design of your store with folding partitions and floor screens. Portable walls are the hottest thing in commercial interior decorating. There are themes to choose from especially for clothing stores and boutiques that have seasonal sales. Find folding walls with photographic art posters Velcroed on to their surface for summer, winter, fall and spring as well as many other subjects that make striking moveable walls as backdrops. Customers will remember your business because you will have such attractive in store signage. Room partitions are also ideal for hiding unsightly storage areas that would normally be exposed to public view. Your portable room dividers can be positioned in front of the messy area and when no longer needed can be folded up and stored in a closet. If you are wondering how to make cheap window displays, our portable room dividers are functional floor screens that visually stimulate customers to buy more merchandise.

    We carry a large selection of folding room dividers with amazing pricing. If you are looking for simple screen room dividers where form follows function, that have a modern designer look then our folding screens are the perfect portable room dividers for your needs. We offer a huge number of portable walls to fit your budget application where temporary walls are necessary. You can do it yourself by choosing from our blank canvas of moveable walls. Just decide the dimensions of the screen dividers you need, how many panels hinged together and the color. We will build your room divider screens to order. Screen room dividers will make your life easier by giving you the ability to organize your space for efficient usage. Folding partitions are all you need!