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  • Burlap Fabric Bulletin BoardsspacerVelcro Fabric Bulletin BoardspacerspacerForbo Bulletin Board and Tinted Cork BoardspacerCustom Fabric Bulletin Boards
    Bulletin Boards, any size-shape-60 fabric colors wrapped edges.
    Any size-shape, custom bulletin boards in 100 Velcro fabric colors. Tacks or Velcoins®.
    Silver or black or powder coated colored frames. Durable, light fast, Forbo Bulletin Boards in 15 Colors or WHITE or NATURAL Cork Boards.
    Framed Fabric Bulletin Boards.
    100 colors of easy to clean,
    burlap or
    Vinyl or Velcro Loop Fabric.
    Fabric Bulletin Boards with graphics.spacerspacerWHITE or NATURAL Cork Boardsspacer Custom Bulletin Boards with Dry Erase and Cork Boardspacer Speacialty Cork BoardsspacerRolling Cork Bulletin BoardsspacerspacerMobile Cork BoardsspacerspacerRollong Dry Ersase Boards
    Tacks - Velcoins. Graphics designed, printed & laminated.
    Any size or shape, WHITE or NATURAL
    Cork Boards
    Dry Erase Boards
    & Fabric Bulletin Combination Boards.
    Cork DartBoards
    & Game Boards
    custom built.
    Fabric Cork Boards on legs & wheels in 100 Velcro® fabric colors.
    Reversible, Natural Cork Boards.
    Reversible Rolling Dry Erase Marker Boards.
    Fabric Cork Bulletin BoardsspacerRolls, Skins and Sheets of Cork and ForbospacerFabric Cork Board Room Partitionsspacerndividual Velcro Fabric BoardsspacerEnclosed Bulletin BoardsspacerCorkboard & Dry Ersae Board CabinetspacerFramed Dry Erase Board


    Multiple Boards butt together. Infinitly large Corkboard Walls
    Cork & Colorful Forbo Rolls & Panels
    Moveable walls with 360 degree folding metal hinges.
    Indiividual, portable
    Fabric Boards.100
    ® Brand colors.
    Covered Bulletin Boards, Directory
    & Notice Boards.
    Magnetic, White Board & Corkboard, hinged doors.
    Magnetic, White Boards with aluminum frames.
    Fabric Bulletin Boards, Cork Bulletin Boards, FORBO TACK BOARDS & Enclosed Bulletin Boards. Dynamic Way To Organize!

    Buy Large Bulletin Boards, that come ANY SIZE or shape, and in any color, meticulously built, factory direct in our Brooklyn, NY facility. 100 COLORS of vibrant BURLAP & VELCRO® brand loop fabric bonded on to natural cork boards or order your boards in 15 colors of Forbo Colored Cork. Huge variety of Velcro® Loop Fabric,Burlap Fabric, Vinyl Fabric or Natural Cork and Forbo Cork Boards! Use pushpins, staples or VELCOIN® fasteners! Our Gigantic Bulletin Boards have interior Cork Boards as a layer inside that will never wear out and gives your fabric Cork Bulletin Boards excellent acoustic characteristics. Perfect for combining the dampening of noise and maximizing the usefulness of your home, school or office space. We have a huge line of Light weight, portable Velcro® Fabric Boards, and Forbo Tack Boards that are ideal Pinboards for all your needs. Custom Bulletin Boards are custom built to order at no additional cost!

    Aluminum framed Decorative Cork Boards are a more traditional large bulletin board with excellent resiliency and tackability. Anodized aluminum or wooden frames with hairline mitered corners. Also see DRY ERASE BOARDS & Temporary Walls that are perfect for school class rooms and conference rooms.

    INSTALLATION of your decorative cork bulletin board is simple with 1" VELCRO® brand tape or screws. But when wall mounting is not an option hang your materials on Rolling Bulletin Boards with durable steel legs and wheels or free-standing Room Dividers that unfold in seconds and have the same fabric that is covered on fabric bulletin boards surface.

    Buy bulletin boards that ship out in five to fifteen business days and come with rush services if needed Our specialty is building quality fabric cork or Forbo colored cork bulletin boards to your exact specifications. See ORDER FORM, Gallery, Request Swatches or for in house art dept. to design and print your Graphics, contact our experienced staff.


    Fabric Colors for Bulletin BoardsspacerGraphics for Bulletin BoardsspacerHalogen Arm LightsspacerLiterature holdersspacerTransportation cases for portable panelsspacerVelcro coins and tapespacerPortable Velcro walls that easily fold down into carring casespacerLightweight folding Velcro presentation panelsspacerSpecialty Cork BoardsspacerRoom PartitionsspacerPortable Fabric BoardsspacerRollin Cork BoardsspacerDry Erase BoardsspacerBulletin Boards In CabinetsspacerFramed Burlap Fabric Cork BoardsspacerBurlap Fabric Cork BoardsspacerVelcro Fabric Cork Bulletin BoardsspacerColorful Forbo Cork BoardsspacerFramed Natural Cork Boards
    ORDER FORM Ships out within five to ten business days or sooner with rush services. (800)791-1819, Request Swatches.
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    Fabric bulletin boards, cork bulletin boards and fabric covered cork board or any type of large cork boards are an effective way to communicate information for the public view. Corkboards are perfect fabric covered bulletin boards, ideal for posting, posters, memos, artwork, schedules, advertisements, news articles or photos. Cork Bulletin Boards and Fabric Bulletin Boards are attractive and blend in easily to many different settings when selecting a Velcro® loop fabric for your cork bulletin boards color similar to the wall back ground. A large bulletin board is perfect when ready to buy Bulletin Boards or any of your Fabric Bulletin Boards or cork board walls. Decorativebulletin boards can be a design statement akin to a decorative color field sculpture on the wall. North Sculpture Company manufactures custom cork boards for any type of fabric covered bulletin boards in our Brooklyn, NY factory. A quality fabric covered bulletin board that are perfect tackboards. Large bulletin boards and custom cork boards that are extremely versatile for a bulletin board wall and can be used in schools, churches, offices, hospitals, break rooms, warehouses, restaurants or just about anywhere users want to display important information on a large bulletin board or on smaller tack boards. School Bulletin Boards are perfect and very useful cork board walls in every class room. Wall-mounted cork boards and tack boards are an elegant way to communicate ongoing events and the latest news. Self-healing, large cork boards that are also wonderful decorative bulletin boards on your wall allows your fabric boards to last forever. They make perfect push pin boards because the interior underlay is self healing. It is industrially bonded between the Luan plywood and Velcro® loop fabric. This offers the combination of push pinboards, where thumb tacks, staples and yes also Velcoins® will work. This also makes them ideal Velcro® fabric covered bulletin boards and fabric covered bulletin boards as well. And since we build to order, our custom bulletin boards and custom cork boards, can be built to any size, shape or color. To determine pricing when you buy bulletin boards, fabric covered bulletin boards or cork board walls round off your size to next largest one. We still will build your push pin boards or large bulletin board to your exact dimensions, where your fabric boards will fit perfectly.

    Our fabric bulletin boards and bulletin board wall have a surface layer of Velcro® loop fabric that is bonded to interior cork boards on the inside. A fabric covered bulletin board or Custom Bulletin Boards are available in any size, shape in 100 Velcro® loop fabric colors. Your fabric covered cork board and Tack boards have large corkboards as an inside layer that provide users with an ample amount of space to display their postings and messages. All fabric covered bulletin boards have interior natural cork boards inside that is designed for repeated pinning. Printed materials can be attached on the Velcro® loop fabric covered corkboards by using thumb tacks, push pins or staples that school administrators like to use because of their convenience. This makes using a fabric covered cork board or fabric covered bulletin board simple. Students and teachers utilize their classroom bulletin boards simply and quickly. Fabric covered bulletin boards and their underlying cork boards in the interior will firmly hold the information in place. This makes them ideal as school bulletin boards and large bulletin boards where teachers prefer to quickly staple materials on to their fabric bulletin boards. We design and build countless custom bulletin boards and fabric covered bulletin boards for all levels of educational institutions in North America. Educators like our school bulletin boards that are versatile custom cork boards and often utilize them for their classroom bulletin boards especially when they need large cork board walls. And even though they are push pinboards, they can be used with the Velcro® Brand hook and loop system, especially if you don't want your kids to use thumb tacks or pushpins. Velcoins® work best for younger kids where thumb tacks could be dangerous on a bulletin board wall. So just utilize the Velcro® fabric surface of your push pin boards so they still will be safe classroom bulletin boards for a perfect large bulletin board.

    Your wall-mount, large bulletin board or fabric covered bulletin boards, also known as classroom bulletin boards are manufactured with an interior frame or armature that keeps your fabric bulletin board solid and rigid and allows your fabric covered cork board to attach to the wall with a couple of screws that will not be seen. Updates of your graphics or literature can be made infinite number of times without having to detach you large cork boards from the bulletin board wall area. Unlike other regular decorative bulletin boards and fabric bulletin boards with an interior, cork board wall, layer, these push pin boards have a colorful Velcro® loop fabric surface and an underlying cork layer that gives your large bullettin boards and fabric covered bulletin boards the best of both worlds. Use Velcoins® or tacks, pushpins or staples which makes them ideal as school bulletin boards and large bulletin boards. Our push pin boards are wonderful message centers that keep students, customers, employees and guests aware about the latest events and broadens your target market to new ideas. A large bulletin board ultimately exposes advertising to walk-by customers. Custom bulletin boards mount easily making installation with a screw gun simple. Tack boards and Custom Cork Boards extend slightly from the wall, which makes decorative bulletin boards perfect for use in high traffic areas like hallways, foyers or lobbies. Your cork bulletin boards and large bulletin boards have endless communication potential.

    Best locations to wall-mount your Cork Bulletin Boards, Fabric Bulletin Boards and even large bulletin boards:
    • Schools, libraries, colleges and universities for your large bulletin boards that are perfect school bulletin boards.
    • Restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets &hotels where you may need specific sizes of custom bulletin boards and decorative bulletin boards..
    • Office buildings, information centers, hospitals and churches, utilizing large cork boards.
    • Break rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, foyers and hallways beg for a fabric covered bulletin board or bulletin board wall!

    Cork bulletin boards are sure to satisfy any display needs. Users can utilize different tackboards to communicate important information. By incorporating these message centers especially with classroom bulletin boards for users who need to update their postings in minutes and therefore keeping students, guests and employees enlightened and up to date. Your wall-mount tack boards are an indispensable posting system. There are many different sizes and styles of large cork boards sold here from our online catalog. Customers can find a huge selection of custom bulletin boards and large bulletin boards in a variety of sizes offered at an unbeatable price from our super store. This website offers low prices on several models, including fabric bulletin boards and potable bulletin boards on legs and wheels. Choose from a variety of large cork boards to coordinate with your environment. School bulletin boards, are an ideal and effective fabric boards to promote communication, productivity and information in your school. Eye-catching tackboards will stop anyone to look at what is displayed on your fabric boards. Your bulletin boards with fabric have compelling surfaces that draws attention! Amazingly when using Velcoins®, no one can see how your materials are attached to the tackboards. And when using a large bulletin board as just pinboards, if you use thin push pins, no one will notice how your graphics are hung as well.

    Cork bulletin boards and decorative bulletin boards are perfect for displaying many different messages and posters. Browse all of our custom cork boards, fabric covered cork board and cork bulletin boards selection to find one that is perfect for your establishment. A fabric covered bulletin board or pin boards are diligently inspected to ensure that fabric covered bulletin boards meet your high quality expectations. Purchase push pin boards and fabric covered bulletin boards at low price from our website. North Sculpture is a time-proven leader in this unique large bulletin baord and bulletin board wall industry and continues to evolve with the changing world of technology and the demands of you the consumer; both business and residential. The years of experience alone noticeably represents our continued determination to be successful and to offer nothing but quality cork boards and fabric boards and their support for all customers. Our push pinboards and large bulletin boards are the best on the market. No one can come close to our high standard of quality, low prices and excellent service. Thank you for shopping at our fabric covered bulletin boards, online store, we appreciate your patronage!