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Office Bulletin Boards - Keep Employees in the Loop

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As a manager you know that sometimes it's not what we say but how we say it. You also know that your employees want to know what is going on in day to day business. However, it can be easy to forget this when we have a message so important that we just want to get it out there for the recipients to read and begin implementing. Your bulletin board display has amazing powers of accessibility; it is large and very visible, it can convey up-to-the-minute information, it is easily accessible by anyone whether they want to post or receive messages, and it is probably located in high-traffic areas. Order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors.

Use your office bulletin boards to convey important messages to your employees, and expect them to see your instructions or updates so that they know what is going on in the day to day business. Most importantly, spend some time planning how you are going to express your message, especially if it pertains to how they will execute their work.

Communication exists on several levels. What you say literally can be overshadowed by sloppy presentation. You expect your subordinates to take care in presenting themselves as professionals, right? Why not spend a little time figuring out the best way to make your presentation more effective.

Bulletin Board Display Suggestions That Are Easy

So, you've got the perfect message that you need everyone to respond to immediately. Why not spend a little time thinking about how you are going to get it out to them. Take a step back and consider implementing some of these suggestions for increased success.

Why not assign one employee to take care of executing the design of your office bulletin boards? Be sure that you find someone who has already shown brilliance in their effective use of layout techniques. Find that person who really thinks outside of the box, or outside of the board, in this case.

Be sure to stress to them the importance of creating a fabric bulletin board display that changes regularly, but that always employs a good use of design, editing, proofreading and careful construction of your message. One truth of marketing and communication is that it's not just what you say, but how you say it.

Your employees will love that you have taken the time to let them know in a way beyond the normal, and you will see that they are actually making good use of your investment.

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