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Fabric Bulletin Board In Design


Fabric Bulletin BoardNow it's time to learn the little secret that many of the world's best interior designers have known for years. Flexibility is the key to making an interior space come alive in the way that you want. A well-designed fabric wall panel can enliven a room as effectively as a fresh coat of paint, but with added flexibility. Order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors and start making your space unique and colorful.

Try on several fabric bulletin board styles when choosing what colors and sizes best suit your needs. Remember that every cork bulletin board can be completely customized to fit whatever application you intend to use it in. We also have a wide selection of fabric colors available to you. This translates to decorating fun. Don't be shy about color. Request a swatch sample and you can actually compare what's already in your room with the options available to you from us. We make it easy to get just the right piece for your space, so contact us today!

Fabric Wall Panel: Flexibility You Love

There is a need for flexibility in design and in presentation. A lightweight fabric corkboard may be positioned to suit your needs on a whim. Leave your worries at home, and know that you can count on our line of products when needing a wall panel that both shows your style and is flexible.

Fabric wall panel units are lightweight and easy to position. You will have no difficulty installing them where you want them. If attractive, flexible solutions are what you are after, consider fabric wall panels to bring life to your meeting room, conference room, family room, or any room!

Fabric Corkboard: Convenience With Style

Let's face it, these colorful splashes of style add a kind of modern life touch to a room that otherwise might have suffered from lack of luster. The option of using tack boards to create usable wall space has been around for a while. But now, thanks to new designs and lightweight materials, the option makes more sense than ever, and the look is great! You will enjoy selecting a fabric corkboard almost as much as you will love the way it looks. It's time to consider attractive fabric cork boards in your interior design plan.

Tack Boards Add Dramatic Color to Your Space

Let loose with your inner designer when designing with tack boards from North Sculpture. The best part of choosing a fabric bulletin board is considering how its bold color will compliment other colors in your room. These tack boards are not only useful; they make a bold statement. Enjoy the way a fabric tackboard looks.

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