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Cork Bulletin Boards: Beyond The Boring

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It's time for your introduction to effective communication that works and looks great. First, begin with your boring old office bulletin board and empty it of all boring, faded construction paper. It's time to send that stuff to the recycling bin, and bring in a bright new way to post important information, upcoming events and more. You need to begin thinking outside the box in order to bring that communication tool to life again. Order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors.

Let's face it; people have stopped noticing that drab old information board. It's time to make a statement with your cork bulletin boards. Here's a tip to remember: in this world of media inundation you are up against an awful lot of high-quality multi-media experiential messages. If your information boards can't compete with the best sites of the internet, the hottest channels of HDTV, the fastest downloads of iTunes, and the catchiest graphics of YouTube, then your message is getting lost. It's time to assess the competition, see what it is that they do so well in order to capture the hearts and minds of the media savvy in our society, and copy, copy, copy!

Office Bulletin Board Creation

It's time to incorporate some of the hottest design trends right onto what might have been until now dull, boring and disorganized communication mess. Fabric cork bulletin boards are most effective when they incorporate good design, consistency of message, and attractive follow through.

Think of your office bulletin board as an example of the product that you want to represent your company. Give your employees some eye-candy that shows you've taken time to ensure that they really get the right message. Find that person in your business who understands something about the principles of design and put them in charge of dazzling your people weekly. A well-produced information board sends a corporate message about attention to detail. Don't let yours send the wrong message. Browse our site today to see the many options we have available and give us a call to order yours!

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