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    Stand unit UP-SIDE DOWN to assemble and disassemble so all weight is off of legs! ONLY when all bolts are securely tightened stand bulletin board up on to legs!
    When disassembling do NOT un-screw leg bolts from boards until all weight is taken off leg bolts to prevent threads from stripping!
    Rolling Bulletin Boards Legs Assembly
    A) Rest bottom edge of board on floor, (or lay flat on a table). You may need a second person to hold board upright while bolting legs.

    B) Turn legs UPSIDE DOWN so Top of "T" is facing upwards and align holes on LEG STEM to match holes on side of board. Make sure LARGER diameter holes in leg stems are facing inward toward board and SMALLER diameter holes are facing away from legs.

    C) Put all bolts through all end cap washers and insert bolts partially through SMALLER diameter row of holes of legs.

    D) While holding leg with one hand, CAREFULLY insert bolts all the way through into holes inside the board and screw them in securely, TAKING CARE THEY ARE ALIGNED SO NOT TO STRIP THREADS!

    E) ONLY WHEN ALL BOLTS HAVE BEEN TIGHTENED, with one person on each side of board, carefully lift board up off of the floor and turn it right side up. DO NOT PUT PRESSURE DIAGONALLY ON LEGS!

    G) Apply plastic end caps to the top of bolts and your bulletin board is ready to use
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