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Fabric Wall Panels Without Interior Frame Installation


Hanging your fabric wall panels and acoustic panels without an interior frame is simple. The best way is to use 1" Velcro hook pressure sensitive tape that comes 25 yards to a reel. First decide where exactly to place your panel. While holding it in place, lightly trace on to the wall, the perimeter of the board with a pencil. After taking the board down, press 1" hook Velcro tape just inside the line you have drawn. Since fabric wall panels have Velcro loop fabric bonded on to the surface and wrapped over it's edges three or four inches on to the back, the hook Velcro tape will adhere to it's surface. The Velcro fastening system consists of hook and loop material that adheres to each other. In this case the loop fabric on the back of your panel to the Velcro hook tape you have burnished securely on to the wall.

When hanging heavier acoustic panels it is also recommended to use liquid nails in conjunction with your Velcro tape. Or if you don't mind seeing screws going through the front of your panel, screw your board to the wall using one screw in each corner. The most secure way to adhere board. In most cases, however, a better solution is to use the Velcro tack board with Luan plywood substrate and interior frame because it is lighter and easier to install and you do not see the screws that hold the panel to the wall. The screws are counter sunk and go through the top and bottom edge of the interior frame out of line of sight while making the board as strong as the wall. And it has equal to or better than, the acoustic, sound absorption qualities as the board with homasote substrate. However the homosote substrate is the only substrate we stock that has been tected by the manufcturer and is the reason why we stock this particular substrate covered with Velcro loop fabric.

Removing Velcro tape from the wall after hanging your Velcro bulletin boards so as not to peel the paint off, requires the purchase of Bestine Solvent from any art supply store to sprinkle on the tape while peeling off. The solvent will dissolve the glue allowing you to peel the tape off the wall without removing the paint. Bestine Solvent has a very quick evaporation time and should not leave any stains behind.

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