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Cork Bulletin Boards Are Functional and Elegant


Multicolored Fabric Wall Panel Display

Beautiful designer Cork Boards are covered in any of a hundred Velcro Brand loop fabric colors industrially bonded to the surface, wrapped over the edges around to the back Easy to install with out exposed screws. No need for the clutter of exterior framing. Frames are in the inside giving the boards their cleaner more modern look. Available any size, shape or color.

Custom built Cork Bulletin Boards are the ultimate design statement that is also completely functional. Efficiency of form following function. Beautiful designer boards akin to Ellsworth Kelly color field paintings on the wall at a museum or gallery. Fabulous decoration with vibrant Velcro loop fabric that allows you to pushpin or Velcro on photos, graphics, charts, ad campaigns and brochures. You name it. Show off and organize your visual material. Your cork bulletin board is perfect for office, home, conference room, lobby, shop, studio or factory where ever visual information needs to be immediately and prominently in sight. Cork boards are a wonderful way to add cosmetic appeal and functionality to otherwise ugly and limited wall surfaces. Cover existing tattered tack boards and warn walls that are dented, unsightly, blemished, or just plain ugly. The incorporation of texture and modern design of colorful vibrant, geometric shapes are also utilitarian places to display important information. More and more style-conscious designers of some of the world's most attractive and productive office spaces are installing cork bulletin boards for this purpose.

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