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Fabric Wall Panels Cut Noise

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Whether you are redecorating a boardroom, conference center, family room, or auditorium, you need to consider the negative effects of the build-up of distracting noise. Sound engineers have long understood that the effects of an uncontrolled and noisy environment have far-reaching effects beyond garbled sound. Order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors.

By ordering and properly installing acoustic panels in a room you actually dramatically increase the way your audience will be able to pay attention, retain information and discern your message. Sound waves can bounce around a room if left unchecked, crossing over each other and interfering with our ability to make sense of what is being said. Have you ever tried in vain to understand what a speaker is trying to communicate in a room that did not allow for the amplification of sound because there was too much interference from echoes? These fabric wall panels allow for the healthy absorption of sound vibrations, eliminating echoes and allowing for clean and clear sound.

Acoustic Panels Eliminate Noisy Overtones

The following are some tips to determine whether or not you may need some type of sound-control devices in your conference room, auditorium, meeting area, or office.

  • Fabric wall panels might be needed if your room consists of a lot of perfectly parallel surfaces.
  • Do your walls appear glossy and highly reflective?
  • Is the problem of an overly reflective room exacerbated by hardwood floors, tile floors, or otherwise uncarpeted floor surfaces?
  • Does the room have an audible echo when you speak, walk, or make any other noise?
  • If another person is at the opposite end of the room, are you able to carry on a conversation, or do the overtones create a situation where it is difficult to discern speech?
  • When amplifying a speaker in a larger room, do unwanted audio overtones create distractions?

If you've answered yes to one or more of these questions you should consider the most attractive and easiest solution to implement: the addition of acoustic panels.

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