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New Pushpin Board Displays Rock

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Remember the days of your boring old teacher's monthly bulletin board display? the ho-hum brown cork and minimal color. Well, we've come a long way since then and the many colors we have will demand your attention! In these days of internet, downloads, lightening fast graphics, 5.1 audio, plasma and HDTV, it's good to know that the original big-screen hasn't lost its luster. When you apply a few good design fundamentals, tackboards can capture the attention and affection of everyone in the office. Get them thinking about what's on your mind with the right balance of color, image, space, and dimension with these simple easy-to-implement pointers on how to create and arrange your pushpin board for maximum effect.

It's time to wow your audience with great-looking graphics, easy-to-use materials and themes to make your message leap off the wall and into the minds of your co-workers. Get the message across and wow your co-workers.

Tackboards: Get The Message

Unity: Make sure that everything on your pushpin board display looks as if it belongs with everything else, rather than random or out of place. This will help keep the eye focus with the point instead of having wandering eyes trying to find the point, and possibly miss important things.

  • Gestalt: Make sure that the unity of the whole comes together as something greater than any one of its parts.
  • Space: Don't be inclined to utilize every square inch of your bulletin board.
  • Color: Color should be used to emphasize the important elements of your display, not simply to decorate your tackboards.
  • Dominance: Be sure to make the most important item visually bolder, in order to ensure that it is viewed as more important.
  • Hierarchy: Make your reader's eyes follow a path, rather than to allow them to wander aimlessly.
  • Balance: When a design is in balance, the individual elements seem to come together and work as a whole.

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