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Explore Cork Bulletin Board Options

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A conference room is performing beneath its capacity if there isn't a place for information that needs to be conveyed. And in this day and age of tight schedules and limited budgets and resources, every option for information sharing must be utilized. Velcro bulletin boards are one obvious option for adding the capability of sharing information at a relatively low cost. Order ANY SIZE or shape in any of one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors.

Let us go down the list of benefits:

  • The cork bulletin board allows for easy operation because it's easy to manipulate.
  • These information-sharing centers are "always on" because they don't require an energy component in order to broadcast their information.
  • Great for use as a classroom bulletin board
  • They are the original "wide and flat screen" that takes up no valuable floor space.
  • They are inexpensive and infinitely updatable.
  • They put your message where people need to see it.

Velcro Bulletin Boards Invite Creativity

Interactivity that invites participation. Everyone has posted something on one of these displays at some time in their lives. They are super easy to operate and they invite you to make your own statement.

Corporate and business studies have shown that incorporating a simple tool such as a cork bulletin board into the work environment, production actually increases. Experts explain these results as a sign that workers enjoy the ability to openly share information. It inspires pride in productivity and encourages them to share their messages with others in the workplace.

By introducing attractive Velcro bulletin boards into the workplace you effectively open up the corporate dialogue to the expression of all types of information that people find relevant and important to them both as employees and as people. And, experts stress, that by allowing people to post information that matters to them, their humanity is rewarded and celebrated.

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