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Fabric Bulletin Board Construction Without Interior Frame


Velcro Fabric Bullletin Board With Plywood or Foam Board Substrate Cross Secton

Foam board and Luan Plywood (thickness 7/16" ) Economically priced Velcro bulletin boards custom built to any size, shape or color with 1/4" foam board with any of over one hundred Velcro loop fabric colors industrially bonded on to the surface, wrapped over the edges and around to the back, three to four inches. Ideal if you have a limited budget for your office or studio. It is extremely lightweight and has excellent sound absorption qualities. Perfect as acoustic panels to be hung on the ceiling. Also use pushpins, however if you put pins in the exact same spot over and over again you will wear it out since the foam board is not self healing. This is why we make Velcro bulletin boards with interior frame and interior cork layer. But more on that later. The fabric bulletin board, because it is so light, can be installed on the wall with one inch pressure sensitive Velcro hook tape. Simply stick the tape to the wall and press the board on. No fuss no muss! We also make this board with 1/4" Luan plywood substrate, 7/16th of an inch thick, for the same price which is a more durable board but slightly heavier that requires using a more sturdy method of installation by screwing it into the wall. This is because if there is any humidity changes that board could warp slightly if not attached securely. But that's why we also make the Velcro fabric wall panels with interior frame. So the screws can go in through the top and bottom edges not allowing them to be seen.

Velcro Fabric Acoustic Panel With Homasote Substrate Cross Secton

Acoustic Homasote Substrate. (Thickness approx. 3/4" ) For sound engineers who need to know the specific acoustic data of the underlying substrate. Even better is that the Velcro loop fabric also adds to the beneficial acoustic qualities of the fabric wall panels. There is approximately 1/8" foam laminated inside the fabric increasing the sound absorption characteristics of the panel. Unfortunately we don't have the enhanced sound data with the fabric covering. However the homasote substrate by itself has a noise reduction coefficient of .20, a K Value of .59 and an R Value of .89.

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