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Custom Bulletin Boards Made To Order

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels magically absorb sound. Does your office or loft have annoying echoing sound vibrations bouncing off the walls? Do you hear discussions from the next room over? Need to stop sound from traveling to and from your entertainment center, theater or conference room? With Velcro acoustic panels not only do you become more organized, but the sound deadening effect will calm and sooth you from annoying sound echoes. Boards have fabulous acoustic qualities that baffle sound and they act as a wonderful sound proofing agent while efficiently organizing your visual information. With the ability to order in over one hundred Velcro loop colors or any fabric of your choosing, you will certainly be able to find an exact match to your existing decor.

Individual Velcro Presentation Boards

Individual separate presentation boards are used to give a focused more interactive pitch to your audience. Velcro on your sales brochures, charts, add copy and photos before you start. As you narrate, put up the appropriate Velcro fabric bulletin board. Either lean up against the wall or put it up on to an easel standing near. Ideal for lawyers in a trial situation where they need flip through a bunch of boards to illustrate a point.

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